I work with whole foods, lifestyle, and fitness to renew your energy and balance.

Nancy McElwain is a nutrition therapist and exercise physiologist living in Fort Collins, CO. For many years, Nancy ran her own triathlon coaching business, Train Smart LLC, in her hometown of Louisville, KY. Through coaching endurance athletes, Nancy recognized that nutrition is a cornerstone of health and wellness, and wanted to explore how food worked holistically to support health and athletic performance.

In 2015, Nancy moved from Kentucky to Fort Collins with her husband and 7-year old son. At the age of 50, she had the opportunity to pursue her interest in holistic nutrition at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. Her eyes opened to the science behind the power of natural, whole foods to influence health. She has embraced the holistic approach to wellness. 

Now, as owner of Renew Nutrition and Fitness LLC, she is passionate about helping clients renew wellness and maximize their potential with natural, whole foods. Nancy believes that when we nourish our bodies correctly, we unlock the full potential within.