Why Work With Nancy?

As a Nutritionist

In my 40’s, I began to struggle with chronic fatigue. For many years, I had trained hard as an athlete and ate what I believed to be healthy food. I had high energy and was always “on” as an attorney, business owner, and competitive triathlete. When the fatigue hit and stayed, I sought a doctor with a functional medicine approach to help me. I learned that my thyroid was lagging, my adrenals were taxed, and my sex hormones were fluctuating (HPA axis dysfunction). No wonder I didn’t feel good!

These personal struggles led me to further my studies and become a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO). I learned how to make changes in my diet and lifestyle to renew my energy. As a CNTP, I will help you explore the root cause of your health issues and use the healing power of natural foods to return you to wellness. We work with whole foods, lifestyle, and exercise to resolve your issues and renew your energy and balance.

As a Coach

Coaching since 1999, Nancy brings a lot of experience to her athletes. She has coached Kona qualifiers and finishers, Kona lottery athletes, ITU long course Worlds contenders, 70.3 Championships qualifiers, long course nationals contenders, and many, many first-time triathlon finishers.

Nancy has worked with a wide range of ages as well as abilities. Before moving to Fort Collins, she coached a youth triathlon team in Louisville, Kentucky. Nancy gave support all along the coaching spectrum from teaching young athletes how to clip into bike pedals to supporting kids at youth national championships.

Nancy enjoys building a relationship with and listening to each of her athletes to guide each one to individual improvement. She meets the athlete where he or she is, and sets goals for improving performance. Please contact Nancy to set up a free introductory call to learn if your goals match what she has to offer.